A New Year: New Financial Priorities

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on January 3, 2018

As you’re jotting down resolutions this week, consider resolving to invest in your family’s future. Financial and weight-loss goals are so popular this time of year, and so easy to forget about by January 15th. Do something now that will actually benefit your family’s future and look into pre-planning your funeral and preneed insurance.

Preneed Insurance: Smart investments to brighten this year (and years to come)

Most financially-saavy Americans know that investing for your future includes some offensive and some defensive diversifying of your economic portfolio. If your 2018 resolutions align with better money planning, saving, or financial education, consider investing in preneed insurance. This type of insurance is unlike any other investment—it safe guards your family upon your eventual death. There are plans for any budget through Security National Life, and no matter how much you have to invest now, you can get started with flexible payments and transparent plans.

Preneed insurance is an insurance policy that covers your funeral expenses when you pass away. Unlike life insurance, preneed policies are only beneficial after your death, and they are intended to cover the (sometimes exorbitant) fees and expenses connected with your funeral. The death benefit from your insurance policy is used to pay for the casket and burial plot, the funeral flowers and other pre-selected funeral arrangements. The flexibility of preneed insurance is one of its many draws. The benefits include having peace of mind, saving money for important future expenses, and protecting your loved ones from financial hardships during their time of mourning.

Pre-planning your Funeral: Do something now to improve your someday

Pre-planning your funeral is one way to guarantee that you support your loved ones whenthey are in need—even after you have passed on. We have heard so many heart-breaking anecdotes about people who were accosted with the myriad funeral arrangements right after the death of their close loved one. We want your funeral to be exactly what you want it to be. We want your family to use the event to mourn, to come to terms with what has happened and begin their grieving process. We want them to enjoy celebrating your life, greet their friends and neighbors, and reflect on your life and the memories they have of you.

Pre-planning your funeral helps your loved ones focus on what is important—celebrating your life. There are so many moving parts to a beautiful funeral, and when your loved one has to play hostess and grieving family member and event planner and money-bags bill-payer, they will get overwhelmed and exhausted. Pre-planning your funeral can take care of all the details and ensure that your arrangements are exactly what you would have wanted, because you actually chose them. It prevents families fighting over “roses or lilies” because those decisions are already made for them. Pre-planning is really your last opportunity to serve and protect your loved ones—and who doesn’t want to resolve to do that more in this New Year?

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