Monaco: Can We Count You In?

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on October 30, 2018

As the February deadline looms, we have some suggestions for a quick check-in

Obviously, you’re working to qualify for the Monaco incentive trip in 2019 because you’ve heard about the amazing itineraries and luxurious accommodations of our previous incentive trips or you’ve been on one in the past and dream of that experience happening again (we don’t blame you!). As the halfway mark passes us by, it may be time to do a little reflecting about your sales so far and what needs to be done to solidify your spot on the trip of a lifetime. Here are some questions to ask yourself to start your personal check-in.

Can I Quantify my Sales in the Last Few Months?

Since we announced this spring’s sales incentive trip, you’ve probably been more conscious of your sales numbers in 2018. To know if you really can plan on the Monaco trip, you may have to do some research—and some math. Can you track the number of sales you’ve made since qualifications began? What is your rate of sales per month; and can you use that to predict an average for the next few months? It might be worth the time to go back through your numbers for the last several months to help you predict as much of the future as possible. We would also recommend taking a look at your winter numbers from last year AND the year before, if available, because we all know that the seasons DO affect our rate of sales, and you may see an important pattern in the past. Check your agent portal for a progress bar measuring your current production and to view contest qualifications.

So I’ve Done the Math, Now What Do I Do With It?

Once you’ve made a hypothesis based on past averages, you’ll feel one of two things: relief that you’re definitely on your way to Monaco if you just keep on keepin’ on, or concern that your previous patterns dictate that you will not qualify. If you’re definitely going, it may be time to start that diet you’ve been talking about so you can squeeze into that swimming costume by the time May hits. But if a diet is the last thing on your mind because you fear you won’t have the numbers by February 28th: don’t give up! We still have about 4 months to change the course of your sales future, and we want to put you on a beach bathed in fancy French perfume! It’s time to do some things to alter that sales projection.

What Things Can I Try?

There are so many ways to change up your sales routine and give your numbers a little boost. Have you read the SNL blog? You can search the blog for sales advice, productivity & success, preneed sales, final expense insurance, and lots of other categories that will inspire you and support you. Try Sales Advice from SNL’s Preneed Sales Managers or How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Marketing Campaign. We feel confident there is something you can do to push your numbers to qualify, and we’ve given you the resources to do it!

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