Make your Email Signature Sell for You!

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on October 3, 2018

email marketing for insurance agents

Who ISN’T interested in easy, free marketing? Are you utilizing every easy marketing strategy out there? Not if your email signature is something boring like:


-John Smith

Final Expense Agent



It’s time to change it up and use your email signature to market for you! There are so many ways this little blurb can attract the gaze and business of potential clients. Here are a few of our favorites.


For easy, immediate access, there’s nothing better than a hyperlink. This is simple to insert into your default signature on Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail. Link your signature to your Social Media Platforms like Instagram or Facebook. You can do this by inserting the icons at the bottom of the email signature, or by writing a sentence that you hyperlink and that says something like, “Follow me on social media!”

Try linking directly to your agency’s website where they can get a quote. Placed strategically in your email signature should be a bold statement like, “Click here to get a quote!” or, “Avoid unforeseen expenses in your future—click here to find out how!”

If you’re brave enough, hyperlink directly to a feedback form or survey so your clients can give you immediate feedback on your interaction. Making this reviewing process simple and efficient will entice more people to review your services and talk about their experiences. Add a “refer a friend” section to your survey for even more marketing options!


Think back to the early 2000s when EVERYONE signed their emails with a quote. Yeah, we know that was annoying. But in 2018, no one is doing it anymore—you could be unique in your quote-using signature! Putting a funny quote in your email signature makes you more relatable as an agent and memorable as an interaction.

You may also consider an inspirational quote that really gets people thinking about what services you offer. My favorite option is a quote from a past client that shows how impactful I have been as their final expense agent, “John was there for me while I made the difficult decisions about final expense insurance. I’m so grateful for his help—he really goes the extra mile!” –Joana Adelle, 34


I make it a point to make a new video every year introducing myself, my family, and why final expense insurance is my passion. I love linking this at the bottom of my email signature, or embedding the video itself so it’s even easier to watch. I keep this little visual introduction short, sweet, and to the point, but I find it is a great marketing tool to help people connect my emails to my face. When people know more about my background, they are more apt to remember who I am and what I do for a living. I try, in the video, to casually slip in some insurance facts that kind of hook people to the topic so they have questions they MUST contact me about after watching.

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