How to Make Your Best First Impression

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on February 27, 2017

Regardless of what you’re selling, your first impression is key to a great buying experience for your customer. While you’re selling a product, you are part of the sale as well. You set the tone for the integrity of the sale. There is a stark difference in tone between showing up to a customer’s home in jeans and a hoodie versus slacks and a nice collared shirt. So let’s get to it! Below are tips on how to make your best first impression.

  1. Dress for Success: If you need a benchmark, don’t just dress to match your customer. Dress like the people they turn to for advice. The more you dress up, the more authority will surround you on the sale. While you may not need a tuxedo for the occasion, put on the slacks before the jeans. Additionally, keep up your personal hygiene. Running from the gym to the client’s home is not your best option even if you’ve swapped running shoes for dress shoes. Keep your beard trimmed and your makeup natural looking.
  2. Don’t Skip the Smile: There is value in small talk. Get to know your client and show genuine interest. You may get information to further support your sale! The funeral industry is an emotional one, and having a personable demeanor will put your clients at ease as they discuss the difficult decisions.
  3. Introduce Yourself: Help your clients get to know you. It will further put your clients at ease if they know more about the person helping them plan for their funeral. Tell them about why you’ve chosen this career path and your experience to start. As you’re engage in small talk, comment with personal tidbits as well.
  4. Body Language: If you’re nervous, your client is too. Keep the tone of your voice confident (even if you need to rehearse beforehand) and match your body language. Have good posture without seeming rigid. Give a good handshake and make eye contact. In your conversation, show attentive listening and don’t rush through their responses.
  5. Personalize the Sale: As your working through the details of your sale, circle the conversation back to information they’ve given you in your small talk. “By taking care of your funeral costs, your family will still be able to take their yearly trip to [insert their family vacation spot] without breaking the bank.” This shows you’ve listened to their responses and it also puts your sale on a personal level for them to mull over.

Ideally, your goal should be to put your customer at ease and to also display yourself as the authority for advice where this sale is concerned. There is no need to be fake, but instead show yourself in proper light. With these simple tips, you will set the right tone for your funeral sales.

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