The Last Message Received

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on December 23, 2016

Have you ever considered carefully what your last words would be should you die today? It’s a morbid thought that makes you think twice about your conversations with others. There is a website dedicated to a very similar idea called The Last Message Received.

A 16-year-old is the person behind the Tumblr called, The Last Message Received. People pour in submissions of the last messages they received from ex-friends, ex-significant others, and deceased loved ones. While the messages differ in content, each message is heart wrenching and speaks volumes with a few simple texts. Some messages come with stories whiles others need no explanation. Take a look at a few examples down below or go to the website for the full collection.


I was upset that he probably wouldn’t be home that night. My response to him did not include that I missed him too. Hours later he would be in a fatal car accident. Never take a moment for granted. Say what you mean and mean what you say.


My dear friend of 20 plus years went into respiratory distress just hours after this message and sadly passed away the next afternoon. I’m so glad we texted that morning. I didn’t want to bother her while she was in the hospital but God gave me a nudge. Please, always listen to the nudge. I will forever treasure our last messages to each other. Peace, love and joy to all!


Two days before my dad committed suicide we were watching the New Orleans Saints play in a preseason game and chatting about the chances of a good season. About 45 hours later, my mom called to tell me he was gone. The Saints did not have a good season.


On September 19th I came home to find my garbage can in the street and knew something was very wrong. I sent this message from my couch, sobbing, because the bathroom door was locked and everything was silent. My 23 year old son and best friend was epileptic and had died from SUDEP (sudden death in epilepsy) on the other side of that door.


I’ve always had a huge crush on this senior girl in my school and she was always so friendly to me, congratulating me after big events and talking to me about school and life. When she graduated we didn’t really keep in touch but we talked about once or twice online. This was sent after she posted a Facebook status about her depression and pleading others to seek help before it “got to her stage” – I messaged her this after reading it as I had seen her have a panic attack before and knew that she wasn’t feeling well (and since I also personally suffer from depression). I found out today (in December) that she had committed suicide 2 months ago through a friend (who was told by her friend). It never got on the news and there was nothing on her Facebook or by any of her friends (including her boyfriend).

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