The Largest Sales Contest of the Year is Quickly Approaching

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on September 25, 2017

Every year in the fall, Security National Life Insurance Company celebrates our founding. For more than fifty years, SNL has supported agents to do what they love with the increased professionalism that a group like this provides. Way back in 1966, George Quist and the agents of his company were celebrating on full year of success. As a new and ever-growing company, SNL had a smattering of agents from all walks of life. George Quist noticed that some agents were not used to “dressing up” for work, and had only one suit and tie they were wearing every day.

This sparked an idea. Quist initiated a sales competition in honor of the company’s one year anniversary, where agents could earn clothing suitable for the professional work environment that they were now a part of. He devised a program that challenged the new agents of SNL to help families by meeting their life insurance needs, and rewarded them based on their performance.

This incentive became a yearly tradition, and Founder’s Month was born! Now that we are celebrating 52 years of business, this fall’s sales competition will be our biggest yet. Sales rewards are no longer limited to work attire: there are opportunities for every agent to earn lucrative bonuses, not just the top three performing agents.

How to Increase your Sales This Month

Focus on Outreach

We all know that sales follow outreach. Increase your networking by upping your social media posts, hosting a new client incentive, printing business cards and making goals to give them out, etc. Make new connections your priority this month.

Try Something New

Try a new tactic. Get out of your usual routine, no matter how lucrative and established it may be. Check out some of our previous sales posts, talk to other agents about what they do to network, host an event, or read a book of recommendations.

Put in the Time

These amazing incentives are only available for about a month. If there was ever a time to go the extra mile, now is it! Make sales your priority for the next few weeks because new sales will never be as rewarding as they are now. You deserve to be rewarded for your good work, so put in some time to celebrate our founding with us!

We’re so excited to be announcing this huge competition. For more details about sales incentives this fall, stay tuned for upcoming information. Happy Founder’s Month, everyone!

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