You Know You’re a Funeral Director When…

This article was written by BetterAdmin, on April 21, 2015

Connecting Directors went to their facebook page and asked 6,600 funeral directors to fill in the blank of this sentence: “You know you’re a funeral director when ___________.”

Here were some of their favorite responses:

When you make plans and tell your friends “if no one dies I’ll be there”


You watch a tv show or a movie and there is a funeral scene and you know the name of the casket.


The first thing my six year old says to me, the second I walk in the door, every single day – “who died today?”


When you’re out somewhere in a crowd and you catch yourself thinking about how you would set someone’s features.


When the next of kin says that his 86 year old mom looks nothing like the 55 year old picture he gave the funeral home.


You see a picture of a friend, family member or even yourself and make a mental note that that photo would be great for an obit or photo board.


When a cop is helping you drag a dead guy across the front lawn through a path in the snow (that you had to shovel) in the wee hours of the morning.

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