Keeping Memories Alive

This article was written by BetterAdmin, on November 26, 2012

Keeping Memories Alive

Source: Memory Vessels

Many physical items hold our memories and we treasure them not for themselves, but for what they inspire us to remember.

Much the way photos moves us, sometimes to tears, often to hysterical laughing, those clothes, that hair! These keepsakes can be anything from cards, photos, a ratty chewed up slipper a beloved pet commandeered.

Today, I came across a card from my mother. It was the last card she ever gave me and there it was – her signature, once bold, in perfect cursive, now faint and slightly shaky as the ravages of ALS sets in, “To My Sweetheart” on the envelope. Tears flowing freely, I set about finding other cards Mother had given me over the years, wishing I had kept them ALL.

[pullquote]Yes, a keepsake can be many things, and any thing, but one thing for sure, they are always – personal.[/pullquote]

As the chairperson of the Supplier Committee for the Professional Pet Loss Alliance, I see many unique, meaningful keepsakes and mementos. Did you know you can have the image of your loved one laser-engraved inside a crystal, reproduced on a throw or canvas, custom sculpted in bronze? There are many new keepsakes available to us now and many are appropriate as gifts and celebratory pieces, not just for memorialization.

Yes, a keepsake can be many things, and any thing, but one thing for sure, they are always – personal.

So, the next time your memories are stirred by a signature or a slipper, embrace the memories it holds for you.


Guest Contribution By: Memory Vessels

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