Joint Burial Plots

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Spend longer than this life by the side of the one you love.

As you make your pre-need funeral plans, you may want to consider a joint burial plot. Reserving two plots ensures that you and your loved one are buried together, no matter the length of time between deaths. Let’s look at some of the details of this decision.

What are joint burial plots?

Joint burial plots, or “companion plots,” come in two forms: two burial sites side-by-side or one site deep enough for two caskets (this is called “double depth”). You can purchase a joint burial plot in advance and dictate who else has the right to the reserved space. You can also state in your Will that another person has the ‘right’ to be buried in the same plot.

Once you assign the rights, the grave is then co-owned by all the people who intend to be buried there. Many people who own companion plots choose to have only one headstone with room enough for both names and dates. This enhances the “companion” feel of the site. A headstone can be purchased in advance and the engravings can be done in stages, so one name is installed at a time.

What if my loved one wants to be cremated and I want to be buried?

It may be the case that your spouse has different burial preferences than yourself. Companion plots are still an option if one partner wishes to be cremated and the other buried. Most cemeteries host burials for an urn just like they would for a casket. Depending on the area’s regulations, the burying of ashes may require a complete burial plot, but some cemeteries have done a “double depth” grave with a casket and an urn. Others prefer a side-to-side arrangement with the ashes in their own plot. Everything else about a joint burial plot is possible if this disparity is true for your partnership.

How much does a plot cost?

The price of a plot usually depends on:

  • Which cemetery you choose
  • The location of the plot in the cemetery
  • The type of plot
  • The number of plots you buy

For the most part, the more plots you purchase at one time, the less each plot costs individually. Making pre-need plans often lowers cost. Remember, when purchasing plots, take into account related costs, such as headstones, outer burial containers, vases or memorials, and any maintenance fees that the cemetery might have.

A joint burial plot is a beautiful way to guarantee the companionship you have formed in life carries on in death. Consider a companion plot and talk to your spouse or loved one about making funeral plans early to lower costs and reduce unknown factors in the future.

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  1. I found it interesting that you state that you can have a “double depth” grave site. My parents both passed away in a car accident last week and my siblings and I are working on figuring out their burial situation. I will send this information over to my brothers so we can start looking into a double depth burial site so we can conserve room and a gravestone to go over it.

  2. I would like to have more information of these plans I have experiences on sales .Also I would like to apply as agent to see how this funerals solutions as a final expense work to reduce the total of funeral and I would to know all the funeral options to help my clients.

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