Industry Spotlight: Memory Forest

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on March 3, 2019

The creators of The Living Urn, America’s leader in creative bio-burial, have launched a new and captivating way to honor a loved one, give back to nature, and grow a living memory. Memory Forest allows you to find a permanent resting place for your bio urn by rethinking cemeteries and burial plots and creating lasting life out of death instead.

How does it work?
The idea behind The Living Urn’s celebration of life is to continue our contributions to the planet—even after our death. There are a variety of options to choose from with this system, but basically you choose which type of tree you’d like to be (they have range of options depending on your climate), and the company sends you a bio urn kit that includes a bag of ash agent RootProtect that is emptied on top of the cremains (that you provide), and then the biodegradable urn is placed in the planting hole in the ground. You can choose to plant the Bio Urn yourself, locally, or the company can do the planting for you in one of their many pre-determined locations. These planting locations are called Memory Forests—an alternative to the graveyards of ages past.

Can I have a Living Urn indoors?
Actually, yes! The Living Urn offers indoor and patio plants, like bonsai or braided money trees, that can honor your loved one and continue their legacy of life even closer to home. For the indoor alternative, your urn is made of sleek porcelain that comes in a variety of colors and measures about nine inches tall, including the special compartment that holds the cremated ashes.

Why Memory Forest?
As you pre-plan your own funeral, or perhaps you’re looking on behalf of a loved one, cremation is an affordable and dignified option that you’re obviously considering. The Living Urn and Memory Forest work to provide an uplifting experience that is both beautiful and meaningful and allows families to visit and honor their departed loved ones for long after that funeral service is over. Memory Forest partners with cemeteries and memorial gardens throughout the country so more and more locations can be made available to pre-planning individuals who are longing for a way to give back to the earth that has for so long sustained them.

What if I don’t live near a Memory Forest?
Although The Living Urn is a well-established company (the first of its kind in America!), Memory Forests are a fairly new and have grown out of popularity for the Bio Urn and a desperate need to reforest the land in the United States. Because of this, Memory Forest is expanding and growing at a respectable pace. Though they don’t yet have forests in every state, they are developing technology that allows visitors from all across the globe to virtually visit their loved one’s living memorial.

Give back to the planet
Memory Forest is dedicated to giving back to the planet, so for every Memory Tree planted, they commit to donating and planting another 10 trees in one of America’s forests.

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