Industry Spotlight: Family Animal Services of Utah

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on May 30, 2018

We in the funeral industry have intimate knowledge of what your family goes through when you lose a loved one. Though we help people all around the country grieve their human companions when they pass away, one company in Utah is making it their specialty to help people grieve their animal companions after they die. Family Animal Services of Utah, a family-owned company located in Sandy, Utah, takes pride in the way they handle each beloved pet with which they are entrusted.

Free Consultation Services

Family Animal Services of Utah offers a free consultation to help guide you through all the options for loving care of your pet. They offer several different packages and are happy to walk you through the cremation process as well. It’s an uncomfortable subject, but their goal is to make sure you feel comfortable with your decision. Their staff of trained pet service counselors are available to help you make these difficult decisions at your convenience. They ask that you call and make an appointment for a consultation.

A Variety of Cremation Options

Depending on your preference and budget, Family Animal Services of Utah has a variety of cremation options available to you. The most basic option is a communal cremation, which will not result in cremation ashes you can keep. If you would like ashes to commemorate your loving pet, you’ll want to ask about a private cremation service. With this second-level service, you will receive the ashes of your pet in a standard wooden urn with an engraving of your choice. If you’d like a more personalized service, you can upgrade to a premier private cremation, with which you’ll also receive your pet’s metal ID disc.

Identification Guarantee

Family Animal Services of Utah emphasize the accuracy of their identification process. When it comes to your pet and the proper cremation of their remains, they understand that you want their body treated lovingly and carefully. Therefore, through their positive pet identification system that uses a serialized metal ID that is placed on your pet by a veterinarian to completely eliminate any mixing or misplacing of ashes. They also offer a proprietary pet tracking system that documents your companion’s journey from the time the body is received (by appointment only) to the time the ashes are returned to you. This process is made simple by their on-site cremation facility, which also reduces turn-around time.

Peace of Mind

For you and your family, peace of mind that your pet will rest in peace is priceless. Utilizing a local business like Family Animal Services of Utah will help your family gain the closure that is needed when a beloved member of the family passes away. Make this experience a positive memory that can be added to your cerebral index of unforgettable moments with your beloved animal friend. Trust these funeral professionals like you would your own funeral director, and let them handle the complicated and emotional task of disposing of your animal remains in the special, loving way that they deserve.

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