Industry Spotlight: Coeio Green Burial

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on June 13, 2017

The preference for a green burial option is on the rise. Unfortunately, a traditional burial method leaves around 219 harmful chemicals in the ground from our bodies alone. This doesn’t include the harmful embalming fluid. Green burial options seek to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, this impact that death has on the environment. There is one company making headway in not only reducing the environmental impact but ultimately aiding your body in the decay process.

The Infinity Suit

Coeio is a brand that sells “Infinity Suits.” For $1,500 you can be buried in an eco-friendly burial suit. The suit is completely bio-degradable and created with zero-waste in mind. Don’t worry about the suit lasting your lifetime, however, the suit has a far longer shelf life. Made from mushrooms and other microorganisms, the suit aids in decomposition, neutralizes toxins from the body, and transfers vital nutrients to enrich the earth.

If you prefer a casket, Coeio also makes an “Infinity Bruial Shroud” that is made of a similar material that allows the body to be viewed before burial. The only difference between the two products is how they look.

How does the suit work?

The Infinity suit is made from a variety of mushrooms strains that are found all over the world. The mushrooms break down material by emitting enzymes that consume a variety food sources. Some of the mushrooms work with the surrounding plants to deliver nutrients to the plans. Mycoremediation is a fancy word that describes how the mushrooms remove or eliminate the toxins that a human body normally transfers to the surrounding soil. To learn more on this process, visit their website HERE. There is no need to worry about wearing the suit while alive, because the mushrooms only have the capacity to digest dead tissue.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

The Infinity Burial Suit is legal, but there are restrictions on where you can be buried. If you are seeking a local option, click HERE. There are no special preparations needed for the suit to work. You simply dress as if it were any other piece of clothing.

There are a variety of green burial options becoming available each year as the interest in green burial grows as well. Coeio is just one organization seeking to provide a different burial experience. What aspects of the process appeal to you and what aspects do not? Leave a comment below!

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