Industry Spotlight: C&J Financial

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on July 10, 2018

Are you tired of waiting weeks or months to receive payment from insurance companies for your goods and services? Our industry spotlight and sister company, C&J Financial, exists to solve that problem. C&J’s Fast Funding Insurance Assignment program eliminates the hassle and cash flow delay associated with insurance assignments by funding your claim within 24 hours of verification of benefits.

When something unexpected happens, like the death of a loved one, we are rarely financially prepared to deal with the situation. However, bills and funeral costs can’t wait for you to move your money around or take out a high-interest payday loan, so C&J has created a quick and efficient solution to your life insurance payout problems.

The process is simple and straight-forward: you complete some paperwork providing information about the deceased, beneficiary, and policy benefits. Those get printed, signed, and notarized, and then a picture of the documents can be sent electronically to C&J Financial, who will then verify the policy benefits and email you a detailed confirmation of your funding. Within 24 to 48 hours, you will receive the funds that are due based on your policy benefits, even if a death certificate is not yet available. According to their website: “By simply explaining to families how they can Fast Fund their insurance policy to pay for a loved ones funeral expenses for a small fee, you no longer have to wait weeks or months for payment. We simply take the factoring fee out of the total assigned amount and fund your firm the difference. You receive your money now at no cost to you and the family has the peace of mind knowing that the arrangements they selected with you are taken care of.”

The benefits of a program like this are obvious. On this blog, we constantly discuss ways to make the loss of a loved one less stressful and overwhelming. C&J has been actively doing that for families for two decades, funding more than 40,000 funerals and helping grieving families navigate the difficult and sometimes frustrating world of life insurance.

If you are reading this post from the perspective of a funeral home, we encourage you to take a look at C&J’s website to learn more about partnering with this company. The testimonials will help instill confidence that C&J is reliable, efficient, and customer-oriented, just like your funeral home strives to be. Joe from Alabama has this to say about C&J Financial: “ Being a small conservative funeral home we were hesitant to finance funeral assignments. Our experience with C&J Financial has been excellent. Their online program for claim forms and approval with payment makes this process from a six-week experience to less than a week. We highly recommend C&J Financial.”

Whether you’re a preneed insurance agent looking for a networking opportunity, a funeral director considering insurance assignment funding, or a grieving loved one overwhelmed with the financial burdens in front of you, we recommend C&J as a helping hand.

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