How To: Get your Voicemail Returned

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on August 22, 2018

Tips for final expense agents leaving sales voicemails.

One of the biggest frustrations about final expense insurance sales is reaching people who will follow through. I get requests for quotes all the time and people get me all the information I need for the quote but then never return my call when I have it for them! I’ve left lots of voicemails that never get returned in my career, but here are a few tricks I’ve learned that help me get my voicemail returned.

Tip 1: Withhold information.

This is an old sales trick but one that works—leave a voicemail that says something like, “Hey Julie, I’ve got that final quote price for you, just give me a call back and we’ll discuss what I was able to put together.” If you give them the total price or monthly payments immediately, then they have no reason to call you back because they have the information they were looking for. Additionally, giving out big numbers up front has a tendency to scare people off. Make sure you control the situation when that number comes out or you won’t hear back from them anytime soon.

Tip 2: Peak their Curiosity.

Final expense insurance agents often need to get a little creative to close sales. When you leave a voicemail with an interested client, leave them wanting more. “Hi Max, when I was looking over your paperwork I found a few concerning discrepancies…could you give me a call back as soon as you get this?” You can get a client curious about what you know or have to say without ever lying to them—so keep it honest but interesting.

Tip 3: Consider your Wording.

Make sure the voicemails you are leaving focus on the benefits they will receive when they call you back. Instead of, “This is Hank calling, I’ve got that quote for you,” try rephrasing to highlight the potential benefits of the conversation you want to have, “This is Hank calling, I think you’ll be really pleased with what I’ve come up with to save you money every month. I’m convinced I can get you coverage far beyond what we first discussed.”

Tip 4: State the Consequences.

Imagine the callbacks you would receive if your voicemail went something like this, “Rachel, since I received all your preliminary information and I emailed that quote, I’m going to go ahead and put you down as making payments starting next month. Call me if that’s not what you want me to do.” Or give them a deadline with a consequence they’ll want to avoid, “Rachel, since we’re all good to go I’ll just plan on coming by your house tonight around 7 on Friday night to sign the final paperwork. That is, unless you give me a call back to arrange something else.”

Tip 5: Call at the Right Time.

There are certain times when people are more likely to be right by their phone and willing to give a callback. Early in the morning is often a good time because people are not yet bogged down by their daily tasks. For some clients, right around lunch time is a great window because they take a lunch break. I generally avoid evening calls because people are finishing up the day and not willing to put in more effort into a task (even a simple one, like returning a phone call).

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