How To: Be a Likeable Salesperson

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on February 21, 2018

preneed agent closing a sale for preneed insurancePreneed insurance agents, like salespeople of all types, have a negative sales stereotype to break through. People don’t want to be sold to or tricked into something, even when they come to you looking for it. Selling a product or service is a trade that will never go away, but negative stereotypes certainly can. Here’s a few tips to help you be the likeable salesperson that breaks the negative mold:

Listen, Listen, Listen

Listening to your client is the first and foremost way to dispel the dislike of the situation. As we all know from our own personal experiences, it is immensely frustrating when the person you are speaking with is doing all of the talking and none of the listening. As a salesperson, it benefits you to listen to what the client needs and what, specifically, they are interested in, so you can cater your presentation to them. Avoid wasting your time and theirs by listening to what they already know about preneed insurance, what their investment intentions are, and what they are looking for from you. There is a time for pitching a new solution, there is a time for making suggestions, there is a time for “selling,” but those things come after you have established a trusting relationship built on listening.

Honesty and Transparency

For end of life insurance, there is a lot of education that goes with each sale. Likeable salespeople take the time to be honest about the benefits and drawbacks of preneed insurance, and make an effort to be transparent about the buying and investment process. In doing this, you will gain the trust of your client and, most likely, their name on your sale list as well.

Personal Connection

A likeable salesperson gets to know their client on a more personal level. We’re not suggesting you go on a date or get matching tattoos, but knowing a little about your client’s background can help you provide them with solutions they actually need. Asking some personal questions and doing your research can help you create some context about the person you are selling to. This personal connection also sets you apart in their mind from the onslaught of ads, sales calls, and pop ups they are bombarded with every day. You want them to refer other people to your business by saying, “You know, I have a friend who works in preneed insurance…”


An authentic human being is the antithesis of the fake, greasy salesman that has been  stereotyped to represent the sales industry. Especially in end of life insurance where the topics discussed can be delicate and uncomfortable, it’s so important that you are authentic with your client. If you use personal stories or experiences as a foundation for your presentations, do so focused on the truth and emotion of those experiences. It’s not always appropriate to slap a fake grin on your face when talking about death, dying, and funeral costs. Remain focused on why each client is coming to you and what preneed insurance really means for them and their loved ones one day, and keep it real and honest when they ask you hard questions.

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