How to Help Someone Who is Grieving

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on January 9, 2017

“Let me know if there is anything I can do.” This is a common phrase that we all say at one time or another, and there is always a good intention behind it. However, more often than not our offer goes to waste. The grieving are doing just that, grieving! Their minds are occupied and some find it difficult to reach out. Below are some ways you can alleviate some basics and show care without having to be asked.

  • Meals: Bring ‘em in hot and ready! But also, consider bringing some freezer meals. When you’re in a state of overwhelming grief, everything feels overwhelming like cooking dinner. Whether they are alone or have a few mouths to feed, help alleviate the stress by bringing over some meals. By helping out with some freezer meals as well, you’re pre-emptively taken care of the future thought. If you’re out of state, there is a service that will mail them a meal complete with cookies!
  • Yard Maintenance: Snow removal, raking leaves, and taking their trashcan to the curb on trash day are all ways you can take care of some of the basics. The yard is a non-evasive way of helping and they are tasks that otherwise would probably end up at the bottom of their to-do list. Taking the time to mow their lawn or weed their beds are great ways to take care of those in crisis mode.
  • Thoughtful Gifts: If you live across state lines, take advantage of that Prime membership and send them a gift! Flowers, sentimental gifts, or maybe a big fuzzy blanket! Oh the wonders of Amazon…

If you need alternative gift ideas, take a look at our gift guide HERE.

  • House Cleaning: This option is a little more invasive, but who doesn’t feel refreshed when the house is clean? If you feel like it would be to invasive for you to clean their house, consider hiring the job out. As a mother myself, I realize the house only gets dirtier as the days go on. Be sure to notify the family ahead of time.
  • Babysitting: Parents need a break! They need time to themselves and time to only worry about themselves. So head on over and be specific on how much time they have. When you leave it open-ended the recipient may find it hard to completely relax.
  • Help Pay the Bills: With companies like GoFundMe, you can raise awareness and start a fundraiser from the comfort of your couch. You can help with funeral costs, medical bills, and debt with a few social media posts.

Truly, “it’s the thought that counts.” If you see areas to serve that are not on this list, don’t hesitate to just do. Take stock of their needs, try putting yourself in their shoes, and just do your best. Keep in mind that many of these services may be thankless. Grief is all-consuming and it’s takes most, if not all, your energy.

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