Have The Talk of a Lifetime!

This article was written by BetterAdmin, on February 22, 2016

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We talk a lot about preneed insurance on this blog. That would be because Security National Life Insurance Company provides life insurance and annuity products to fund prearranged and prepaid funerals. But have you ever thought past the cost factor? What about what your loved one wants their funeral to be like? Do they have a favorite song they want played? Do they want certain people to speak?

Talking about death can be an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people. But these questions can be an important part of a loved ones final wishes and the legacy they want to leave. How do you start a conversation like this with a loved one? On the Have the Talk of a Lifetime website, www.talkofalifetime.org, families will find free tools and information to help them start this conversation. The site has a downloadable workbook filled with advice on how to start a conversation and offers questions to help families get to know their loved ones in unique and fun ways!

Get started today with you family and learn more about Have the Talk of a Lifetime by visiting www.talkofalifetime.org

Start this important conversation, and gather information about what your loved one wants. Also make sure you are prepared financially. You can actually save money by prepaying and planning with funeral homes, by locking down prices for services and products. Our goal is to provide our partner funeral homes with unique preneed products, services and marketing solutions. Proper planning for your final wishes is more than wise, it is a thoughtful decision to help your family during a difficult time of loss.

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