A Green Burial (The Traditional Way)

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on December 14, 2017

If you have concern for the environment but you also prefer traditional services, this post holds good news: you can have it all! New technology has been mixed with ancient knowledge to create a variety of biodegradable and environmentally-friendly options for the more traditional, burial-minded folks among us. Green burials are becoming more popular and are seen as a responsible and dignified way to return a person to the earth from whence they came.

For you: Bamboo

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The great thing about bamboo caskets is that they look beautiful as well as maintain the environment. The woven fibers of bamboo really give the overall appearance an earthy, traditional feel. It’s like placing a body in a basket, and evokes the image of a journey. There are many companies who make their bamboo caskets by hand with biodegradable lining. The process of creation is almost as important as the burial itself, so if a carbon footprint is what you’re trying to avoid, feel free to inquire about the origins of the materials and their composition.

A Warm Resting Place

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You may not have considered this material as good for caskets, but wool caskets are becoming more popular, especially for infant and child burials. Wool caskets are a lovely exterior with a lot of customizable elements. The soft, finished look of the coffin is really unique and attractive. Don’t worry, the wool material is shaped and strengthened with cardboard and can hold the weight of most cadavers. The lining of wool caskets is usually cotton, and there may be some border of another material.

Banana Green on the Burial Scene

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That’s right, a casket made of banana leaves. This natural material is coiled together and woven into a very sturdy and responsible textile. The casket has rounded edges and deep earthy tones, which makes the overall effect very attractive. This type of coffin is manufactured with no artificial glues or materials that are not biodegradable. This material is strong and is usually guaranteed to hold up to 330 pounds of weight. All of these caskets include handles around the edges, just like a mahogany or oak casket that you have seen before.

And last, Seagrass

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Seagrass caskets are natural and super eco-friendly. Besides being very reasonably priced, seagrass utilizes materials that are often wasted if they are not recycled in this way. Most often, one of the main foundational materials used in the composition of these coffins is willow or willow grass. The willow fibers are woven to look very much like a basket, and seagrass can be used decoratively or structurally. These caskets are generally lined with unbleached cotton fabric for a comfortable and finished look. Many seagrass caskets are customizable, and plaques can be added to the exterior.

Our planet needs more people who care about the environment, and choosing a green burial is one way to support the efforts of funeral homes and manufacturing companies that are making the effort to reduce their own carbon footprint as well as encourage consumers to make more eco-responsible decisions in this life and the afterlife.

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