Got the Working from Home Blues?

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on November 2, 2017

4 Tips from Home-bound Workers to Refocus your Routine

When working from home, it really can be the small things that get you stuck in a rut. The devil is in the details, as they say, and that couldn’t be more true for final expense insurance agents or anyone else who tries to make their workplace work in their home. This post focuses on just those small things that you can change today to refocus your work routine.

Tip #1: Change Your Chair

I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but changing up the chair you sit in for 8 hours a day will make a world of difference. You have no idea now how your posture affects your productivity until you try a chair with lumbar support or hip flexor cushioning. Your chair doesn’t have to break the bank, but sitting comfortably will keep you focused more than any other tweak in routine.

Tip #2: Snack Support

I have to admit that when I work from home (3 days a week), I forget about regular meal times because I’m snacking all day long. The kitchen is literally 15 feet from my office, which is just too tempting for my cowardly cravings around 11:00 a.m. The secret to snack support is in two parts: meal prep and “remove the Reese’s!” For the days you go into work, you pack a lunch and grab breakfast to go—working from home should be no different! Two square meals during your work day will keep your mind sharp and your stomach quiet. If you need to snack to help the fidgeting, keep healthy snacks in the kitchen and treats/junk in the basement or garage where you can’t easily get to them.

Tip #3: Stretch Breaks

One life-changing tip I got from a medical transcriptionist friend of mine is to take regular stretch breaks. Every hour on the hour I stand up and literally do a simple stretch routine that focuses on my arms, neck, back, and hips. Sitting at a computer or on the phone can be hard on your muscles and joints. When your body is jittery and stiff, your mind will follow suite. The day seems longer when you aren’t moving around, so ditch the desk for 2 or 3 minutes every hour and stretch out.

Tip #4: Motivating Space

I don’t want to sound canned or cliché, but I fully support dream boards. When I finally moved into a house with enough room for my own office, I worked really hard to create a space that would motivate me to work from home. For me, this means an organized, pretty desk with pictures of my kids on vacation in Bermuda. Honestly, looking at these pictures reminds me of my goals to save for a family vacation, they keep me concentrated on what matters most to me, and they help keep me going on days when work is not what I want to be doing. Whatever it is that motivates you, surround yourself with that visual representation while you work.

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