Three ways to start a conversation about life insurance to family

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When visiting family, it can seem daunting to bring up the dreaded conversation about life insurance, but while there may be some hesitation, it’s an important conversation to have. Whether you are discussing a policy for yourself or encouraging a loved one to look into coverage, honest conversations about life insurance coverage are important for financial and emotional well-being. Here are three ways to bring up the topic of life insurance that will allow you to have a successful conversation.  


Educate Yourself About How Life Insurance Works and Plan Options 

Before starting up this conversation topic, make sure you have taken the time to educate yourself on how life insurance works and the different plan options that are out there. By coming to this conversation prepared, you will know how to answer basic questions and possibly even bring strong facts and statistics to the conversation. This way you have something to back you up if you receive pushbacks from others. Having answers to questions and concerns can help lessen the stress of the situation.  

If you think your loved one may feel overwhelmed by the options of life insurance, consider giving them physical informational pamphlets, brochures, or postcards with contact information and insurance options.  

Be Empathetic and Listen- Begin by asking questions 

This is a tough subject, to begin with, so you need to come into this conversation with empathy and the ability to listen to your family members. You don’t want to come off like you are worrying about money or the death of a family member. By listening empathetically, you can understand their viewpoint and any worries they may have about life insurance.  

This can be a sensitive topic for some, and you may encounter an argument or pushback. It’s crucial to stay calm and allow them to explain their concerns. It may help to paint a picture of life insurance as a final gift for surviving loved ones – a gesture that shows how much they care even after they are gone.  

Talk about current events 

Current events can lead to major changes in the world. Having a good life insurance policy in place can be important when making sure you have your family taken care of and to continue the life they are accustomed to. Again, keep this conversation light, no need to talk about the doom of the world. Bring up events as examples of reasons why they should look into life insurance. For instance, you might mention the uncertainties of the economy, the pandemic, or recent natural disasters. Here’s how you could phrase it: 

“Given the current state of affairs, like the unpredictable economy and ongoing global health concerns, I’ve been thinking a lot about our financial security. It’s times like these that remind me how crucial it is to have a safety net in place. That’s why I’ve been looking into life insurance – to ensure peace of mind for myself and my loved ones, regardless of what life throws our way.” 


Discussing life insurance with your family is a vital conversation that shouldn’t be put off. While it may feel uncomfortable or daunting at first, the benefits far outweigh any initial discomfort. By having an open and honest dialogue, you can ensure that your loved ones are protected financially in the event of your passing. Remember, life insurance isn’t just about you – it’s about providing security and peace of mind for your family during challenging times. So, don’t hesitate to broach the topic with your family members. Start by sharing your own thoughts and concerns and encourage them to do the same. Together, you can make informed decisions that will safeguard your family’s financial future for years to come. 

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