Gifts for Those That Have Lost Loved Ones — Gift Guide

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on December 12, 2016

The holidays are in full swing and they’re filled with festivities, joy, and laughter…for many. However, there are also people in your life that will be going through a difficult time during this holiday season. Whether their loss is recent or not, the reminder of their absence is never an easy burden to bear. This gift list is a little unconventional but designed to show your support and love during a difficult time. All gifts below range from free to about $50, but the message behind each gift is priceless.

  1. Custom Memorial Keychain: This keychain allows you to print a photo on the front and a personal message on the back. You can repurpose those birthday and holiday cards to use the actual handwriting for the message!
  2. Memorial Pillow: This gift is free, but will take some of your time. The link goes to a tutorial on how to convert a button down shirt into a pillow. This is a great way to preserve and repurpose clothes that may have ended up in a box otherwise.
  3. Personalized Ornament: ‘Tis the season! These custom ornaments come with a phrase and photo dedicated to the memory of your loved one.
  4. Memorial Quote Décor: This sign can be hung year-round and reads, “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard but always near. In Loving Memory.”
  5. Custom Mug with Handwritten Note: This is another way you can repurpose birthday and holiday cards or letters. You submit the writing sample and they print it on the mug! You can choose what color you want the message in too!
  6. Silver Bracelet with Handwritten Note: You can add charms and select from a variety of sizes. This would be a great gift for children and adults! You submit the handwritten message and they engrave it on a bracelet for you.
  7. Urn Pendant: You can keep your loved one close to your heart with an urn pendant. Also known as an ash holder necklace, you can place a small portion of ash into the pendant.
  8. Fingerprint Necklace: You can submit a scan of the fingerprint and customize the necklace with a message or keep it plain. They come in silver, gold, and rose gold.
  9. Photo Album: Many photos are collected for the funeral services from friends and family. Make copies and put them in a photo album to keep. We’ve linked an option that can be customized with a message, name, and date.
  10. Willow Tree Remembrance Figurine: The Willow Tree line has something for everyone. While we’ve linked the angel, they also have options for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, spouses… what we’re trying to say is that they have one to fit every situation.

While Christmas time is the season of giving, these gifts are not all specific to the holidays. These are great gifts any time of the year to show your support during a difficult time.

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