Funeral Webcasting: A Long-Distance Solution

This article was written by ReneeM, on July 4, 2012

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Last week I had the opportunity to recommend funeral webcasting to one of my preneed agents, from the recent loss of her uncle.


Many of her family members live out of state, and would not be able to attend the funeral.

I was glad to know of solution to share. Funeral webcasting is new technology where family and other loved ones can watch the funeral service live over the Internet. When I told my agent, she thought this was a great idea and decided to see if the facility where the service was going to be held had this capability.

These days, so many people are transient, don’t remain close to home, and cannot attend funeral services for numerous reasons. Webcasting now allows the family to still have a service and while resting assured that those out of state will be able to view and participate long-distance.

From my experience, the funeral service is a vital part in the grieving process, and harm would be done if it were skipped just from lack of attendance.

Having to miss a loved one’s funeral due to distance, time conflicts and financial restraints is never an easy thing to face. Funeral webcasting is the answer to this problem.

Are you witnessing families overcome with grief facing the very real possibility that crucial family members and friends may not be able to attend the services honoring their dearly departed? There is an easy solution to this disconcerting dilemma, and one that we urge you to consider: a funeral webcast, effectively allowing the far-off bereaved to attend the online funeral of the deceased.

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5 thoughts on “Funeral Webcasting: A Long-Distance Solution

  1. Thanks for the blog. One can learn a lot about webcasting services from this blog. I really like the way of representing the information for a respective topic. Keep good work.

  2. It’s great that you mentioned that funeral webcasting is an ideal solution for grieving families that want their loved ones from far away to join the funeral service. My grandpa recently died because of heart failure. Most of our family cannot come to his funeral because of the ongoing pandemic. I’ll try to find a funeral service that offers webcasting so that our relatives and friends can still attend my grandfather’s funeral. Thanks!

  3. It was mentioned that these days, people don’t tend to stay close to home when looking for a career and can be hard for them to attend funeral services. My parents fear that my grandmother is close to the end of her life, and are trying to plan for us to all be together, even though we cannot physically be together at this time. I will have to ask them if they have thought about webcasting the funeral.

  4. I think this is a great idea, looking back at modern realities. I understand that for most people this seems completely inappropriate and not respectful. But you need to keep up with the times and it seems to me that this is just such a case. We all understand that there is a category of people who cannot physically leave their homes and for them it will be a great opportunity. And do not forget about our pandemic, which makes a large number of people – just a dangerous situation. Therefore, I only support this idea.

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