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This article was written by LifeAdmin, on April 24, 2018

Preserve your memories and share them easily—even across oceans and generations!

One excellent funeral-planning tool is the internet. Sure, you use it to research, you use it to collect pictures, maybe you even post an obituary for friends to see. These are great ways to use the world wide web to your advantage. However, there is technology that exists to make every component of funeral planning smoother and faster. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites and made a list for you (with direct links). You’re welcome.

Eternal Time Keeper Logo

Eternal Timekeeper

This company has created a brilliant way to utilize technology and traditional burial. Their motivation behind this product is building a way for anyone to access a person’s legacy through something called a “Memory.” You create Memory pages for your loved one on their website, and then, well, I’ll let them explain, “Using our Patent-Pending technology, we are able to embed a Near Field Communication (NFC) Smart Tag Device inside a Porcelains Unlimited urn or memorial. When a loved one with a smartphone or tablet scans their device within 1″ of the urn or memorial featuring the NFC device, it instantly and automatically communicates with the urn or memorial to open their loved-one’s custom Profile Page on the Eternal Timekeeper website.” Basically, anyone visiting the burial site of your loved one will be able to watch a video that represents their life, right then and there. Imagine visiting grandma every memorial day with your growing family, and showing your kids this video compilation of pictures, music, and interviews that help them get to know grandma as she was. This technology will totally revolutionize how we remember our ancestors.



Foreverence is a company that is rethinking burial in a modern and cutting-edge way. They use special 3D Printing technology to print custom urns based on pictures you send them of a special object or memory. There are basically no limits to what they can create with this new funeral technology. Imagine your loved one (or yourself!) resting eternally in a model of their favorite car, or a miniaturized version of their childhood home. According to Foreverence, “Our mission is to provide the world with a superior alternative to the traditional urn. That alternative is the freedom of personal choice. We looked at the urns available for sale through funeral homes and online, and we saw a need for something more. For something different. We used our experience in 3D printing to create a new way of thinking about cremation memorials. We’ve assembled a team with vision and imagination to build this company. And now we’re at your service.”

Digital Tombstone

Though not available for purchase yet in the United States, digital tombstones may be the way the future is moving! Imagine the possibilities with this technology, and the opportunities that digital tombstones could provide. No longer would our headstones be limited to one or two lines—you could have pictures, videos, and an entire eulogy presented on your grave!



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