Funeral Planning Helpers

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on January 17, 2018

A list of funeral solutions for the digital world designed to help you reduce the stress and strain after the death of a loved one.


Easily create and share a personalized memorial page for your loved one on this simple and user-friendly website. Notify friends and colleagues of your loved one’s passing away, and spread their obituary and funeral information with mass texts, emails, and notifications that people can choose to receive to stay up to date. Visitors can contribute to the page by adding photos, videos, memories and condolences. It’s a great one-stop shop for everyone involved in the life of the deceased. Part of this website’s allure is the funeral-planning element of the site, which can be used to help you organize the factors that go into memorial services.

The Funeral App

This application can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet and used to search through obituaries and stay up to date with the latest information about your friends and relatives. This app eliminates the need to search through newspapers from multiple cities or scan a slew of different websites. The Funeral App also has a component for funeral homes around the country. You can search through funeral homes by state and then by city to be directed to each funeral homes website, where more details can be gleaned.


Prepare the funeral of your loved one with this popular website designed to help you plan your own funeral or that of your loved one. This site offers tips for attending a funeral as well as advice for throwing one. Another draw to Funeralwise is the library of information available about all funeral topics from etiquette to eulogies. This site mixes celebrating a life with creating a memorable memorial service—it’s both practical and fun to use to organize all those kind of details.


This website is an amalgamation of ideas, useful software, and funeral planning tools. Get tips and advice from funerals professionals about unique memorials and legacies that may not have occurred to you naturally. You can also use this website to transcribe your life stories in order to pass on to others the memories and tales you have about your life. Connect with loved ones through this mix of social media and planning tips and tools. Planning the final goodbye for yourself or a loved one requires a lot of moving parts and small details. Decide how you will be remembered by taking care of some of those details yourself.

Of course, the best planning resource is your funeral home director, who has more knowledge about what is needed for a successful memorial service than anyone else. Making your own arrangements ahead of time by preplanning your funeral will make the whole process easy and stress-free when the time comes for your loved ones to take care of your estate and final preparations.

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