Funeral Home Reviews (and Why Yours Need to be Good)

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on February 26, 2018

In our digital age, gone are the days when someone who needed a service would take a look in the phone book and find the nearest business. Now, almost every major decision begins with an internet search. Many customers report that they don’t spend more than 2 minutes investigating a company that has bad reviews; “Why waste your time?” seems to be the most common reaction. If you’re looking to expand your funeral home’s client base, it’s crucial that your online customer reviews are accessible and positive. We searched through some of the most successful funeral homes in the country and found these common threads in what their customers are saying about them.

“They really showed me that they cared.”

Time and time again we see touching anecdotes posted in various places online about how a certain funeral home or funeral director went above and beyond to show the customer that they cared. Our clients are coming to us looking for help at one of the hardest times in their life, and a caring, personable attitude is what will stick with them the most as they do their shopping around. Even those pre-planners who are dictating the details of their own funerals feel delicate about the topic of conversation, and a caring and understanding attitude goes a long way with them as well.

“The funeral home actually listened to what I wanted.”

When a customer walks into your place of business, you do not want them to feel like you’re trying to sell them a car—taking the time to listen to your client will set you apart from the competition. Your expectations that they know nothing about what goes into a funeral may be challenged when you actually hear what they have to say. Making it a priority to listen to your client will help them feel validated and comforted, and they will be impressed with the respect you give them and will trust your advice all the more.

“I was amazed at how customized the service turned out to be.”

We, in this industry, tend to get caught up in a routine or habit with what we recommend, what we offer families, and what we display as examples. Funeral trends are drifting farther away from traditional. People want their last hurrah to be something that really reflects who they were in life, and whether they’re preplanning their own funeral or putting it together for a loved one, customers react positively to having the power of customization. One of the number 1 pieces of feedback we’re getting from the Baby Boomer generation is that they want their funeral to be a true celebration of life. We think this attitude is only going to increase as the years go on.

“The environment was lovely and comfortable—like a home.”

Many people have an aversion to funeral homes, but we know that funeral homes don’t have to be depressing. Your building is a client’s first impression of your priorities and attitude. We find that customers love posting about how beautiful the rooms are, how light the windows make it, and how comfortable they feel in the space where they and many others will say goodbye to their loved one. What can you do with the space you have to get people talking about it in a positive way online?

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