Founder’s Month KICK OFF!

This article was written by BetterAdmin, on September 27, 2015

Security National Founder's Month 50th

Every October we celebrate Founder’s Month, but this year is one for the record books, as we also commemorate Security National’s 50th Anniversary! We are excited to celebrate 50 years of excellence and this year we look to acknowledge that excellence and hard work with opportunities for our agents to earn lucrative bonuses. And we wont just be rewarding the first, second or even third place winners, we want every agent that produces to be rewarded. Recognizing our agents during this month goes back to Security National’s roots, where our founder George Quist set up extra opportunities for his hard working agents.



The suit behind Founders Month…


In the early fall of 1966, Security National was celebrating its first full year in business. During that year, George Quist had added several new and hungry agents to his company, many of whom had left jobs in other industries that did not require them to “dress up” for work.After noticing that some of these agents wore the same suit multiple times a week, George decided to have a sales contest where these new agents could earn clothing suitable for working in the insurance business. He devised a program that challenged these agents to help families and to reward agents based on their performance; thus, Founder’s Month was born.


So make sure to utilize your lead programs and gear up for October because this year is going to be a big one! Stay connected by following the next month’s blog posts as well as reading the weekly newsletter. There is unlimited money to be made in October and it’s available to each of you!


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