Marketing Solutions


Security National Life offers a variety of time tested, direct mail options to client funeral homes. Target desired markets based on age, address, ethnic background and other unique proposition tools. SNL will manage the order, distribute leads, and train agents with a proprietary endorsed pre-approach mail program.


Security National Life’s bookmark program offers a non-offensive lead generation resource to producers. This low-cost lead tool utilizes the funeral home’s online obituary to design custom bookmarks that memorialize the deceased.


Security National Life (SNL) furnishes simple and legal telemarketing solutions for funeral home clients, according to federal and state laws. This program allows your firm to grow customers in specific target markets. SNL provides leads, script, objection handling, training and technical support for this online systematic program.


Seminars provide individuals the benefits of prearranged funerals, inform about cremation versus traditional services, share funding options and educate about consumer rights. This avenue offers greater potential for trust between participants and presenters while offering an opportunity for participants to learn together.


Security National Life’s referral program is simple and complete, utilizing positive sales techniques. On top of traditional referral means, SNL designed tools to facilitate obtaining quality contacts. A short presentation with a counselor evaluation survey expands successful sales into additional referrals. As one of our most popular programs, history demonstrates this tool provides the second highest rate of sales conversion.



These professionally printed books cover themes of loss and grief. Books are sent to family members at predetermined time intervals up to a year after death to offer support along with information. Additional preneed mailers evaluate the satisfaction of the family, while establishing soft lead generation for prepaid funerals.

Door Knocking:

Door knocking remains the bread-and-butter of many veteran sales agents. Successful door knocking engages the entire neighborhood while providing value to its residents. Security National Life (SNL) delivers the support together with tools producers need to implement door knocking from the ground up, or augment an existing program.

Extended Family Service:

Extended Family Service is ongoing care by a funeral home to bereaved families after the death of a loved one. This program provides continued support and information about grief through systematic non-offensive services. When implemented correctly it is one of the most reliable lead generation programs for prepaid funerals.

Gift of Love:

Security National Life’s Gift of Love program forms the cornerstone of our proven sales presentation. This vivid-color multi-page guide creates awareness of the need to document end-of-life wishes. Prospects document their funeral arrangements and intentions, acting as a warm lead tool for producers.The funeral home then keeps this vital information as a no-cost professional family record in individualized folders.


Guests enter their information into this easy-to-use touch-screen, as an alternative to the traditional handwritten guest book. Our application replicates what their bound, printed book will look like. Learn more HERE.