Common Questions About Divers Insurance

Common Divers Insurance Questions

Is coverage international?

Do I need to sign up for all classes of coverage?
No, you may choose any combination of coverage as long as it meets our minimum requirement of $25.

What is the best minimum diver’s coverage?
A combination of class A (decompression chamber) and class C (air ambulance). Most group health plans have exclusions or limits so low that you’ll end up paying most of the bill.

What if I don’t have primary health coverage? Can I still qualify?
No, we are secondary coverage only.

What is the best minimum non-diver’s coverage?
A combination of class C (air ambulance) and class D (water sports or recreational boating injuries).

Do I have to pay a deductible?
Yes, 5% of covered charges.

Is it possible to get coverage for one week only?
No, this policy is based on an annual (365 day) term.

Is there an annual membership fee in addition to my selected class of coverage?
No, however, we charge a $3 service fee for all online and phone purchases. The advantage of this service is that you will obtain immediate coverage.

How do I go about filing a claim with DSI?
You must notify our company within 60 days of any loss. We will then send you forms to file your claim. Notice of claim or proof of loss must be sent to:
Diver’s Security Insurance
P.O. Box 57007
Salt Lake City, UT 84157-0007

Is there a money back guarantee if I decide that I do not want this policy?
It is our unconditional guarantee that if you’re unhappy for any reason, you may return your policy and laminated I.D. card within 20 days of receipt for a full refund.

Who Can I Ask Questions to?
Call, Email or Write Us:
Diver’s Security Insurance
P.O. Box 57007
Salt Lake City, UT 84157-0007
(800) 288-4810

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