Five Time Management Tips

This article was written by GuyW, on March 10, 2014

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Tip #1 – Identify your top two priorities each day and don’t stop working until you’ve done them.
Each day identify the two things that you could do that would make the biggest impact on your sales- and make sure you get them done.

Tip #2 – It doesn’t matter how – but record your to-do’s.
Record your to-do items somewhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pen and paper person, a spreadsheet fan, or an iPhone notes addict. What is important is that you record the tasks you need to accomplish.

Tip #3 – Start with the most difficult or unappealing task first.
Once the “hard” one is out of the way, everything else seems easy. Most people do the opposite, so they wind up with that big, ugly task looming over their heads all day…and maybe for a few days after that.

Tip #4 – Tackle the rest of the list.
After the big tasks are out of the way, you can start tackling the rest of your list. Save the little “busy work” items for the end of the day – or non-prime selling times. Get them done, but fill your prime selling time with prime selling activities.

Tip #5 – Each night, rotate the list.
As mentioned before, at the end of your work day take five minutes to review what you accomplished. List the new tasks that have sprung up – and pick your new top two for your new day tomorrow.


“Do what you’re afraid to do. Go where you are afraid to go. When you run away because you are afraid to do something big, you pass opportunity by.”

–W. Clement Stone


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  1. I forgot the most important tip…”See the people, tell the story.” Let this tip complement the other 5. Keep these at the forefront of your daily routine and you can not go wrong!

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