F. E. A. R.

This article was written by Johnny C, on August 20, 2012


What are you afraid of?
No really, what are you honestly afraid of?

Most of us spend some part of our lives feeling afraid of one thing or other.

Afraid of heights?
You are really afraid of falling.

Afraid of water?
You are really afraid of drowning.

Afraid of spiders, bees or snakes?
You are really afraid of being bitten or stung.

Are you afraid of a preneed sales career?
You are really afraid of rejection.
You are really afraid of being said NO to.
You are afraid of failing.
You are afraid of not making any sales and then not making any money.


Let's break down the word fear.

F = False
E = Evidence
A = Appearing
R = Real

There you have it. Fear is only false evidence appearing real and nothing else, really.
Let’s go back to our childhood years and think of the times we were afraid of something only to find out that it didn’t exist. The boogie man. The monsters under the bed. The police. Almost everything we were afraid of back then was pretty much false evidence appearing real or FEAR.

Remember the first time you tried to ride the bicycle. It was terrifying wasn’t it? But once you learned, riding was a piece of cake. The feelings you had to start with were false evidence appearing real, or FEAR.

The first time you asked a girl to dance, a date, or a kiss. Imagine what it felt like. Weren’t you nervous?! However, once you did it, there was nothing to it. The worst thing that happened was they said no. Were you really hurt? No. It was nothing but false evidence appearing real or FEAR.

In sales the same thing is true. If you are afraid of something, just ask yourself, “Is this real?” What is the worst thing that can happen? The prospect says no. Big deal. In sales as in sport “No” is great. “No” is future business. You need to get the NO out of the way to get to the YES.

If every person bought every time a preneed agent went front of them, you would not be capable of making the big commissions every true sales person wants. Because if everyone said yes, then we would all be like McDonalds. How may I help you sir, miss? Anything else? Do you want to Mac size it? If it was that easy, then just like the McDonalds staff, we would get paid minimum wage to start and couldn’t expect much more. But think about it…

In commission sales you can make as much money (if not more) than anyone in the company, based solely on your ability! If you want a raise all you have to do is see more people. All you have to do is get more NOs out of the way.

So I ask you the question one more time.

What are you afraid of?

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