Drop the Dead Weight

This article was written by Kaylie Sullivan, on January 18, 2023

New year, new business plan. This is the time of year to analyze your data from last year and focus your resources on the lead sources that provided you the greatest return on your investment. As they say: data is the world’s most valuable resource.

Luckily, Security National Life provides a free Lead Management System (LMS) for all our life insurance agents: LeadHub can help you enhance your customer relationships and better manage your data. Lead Management Systems have the capability of enhancing your daily processes so that your business plan is more efficient, more streamlined, and more targeted to the markets that will respond well to your contacts. These days, a life insurance agent’s instincts are not enough to guarantee positive results, since customers have more options now than at any time in the past, and can find information faster than ever before.

As you set your goals and make your resolutions this month, we encourage you to invest in the lead sources that are working and shed the dead weight of strategies that haven’t panned out. If you are finding more success over the phone than through in-person events, spend some time breaking down a cold call strategy that plays on your strengths. If your LeadHub data says the opposite—that you’ve generated more valuable leads from conferences and trade shows, then you will want to invest in the equipment that will streamline your process, like an eye-catching table top setup.

It can be daunting, using a CRM platform, since LeadHub provides so much information and analytics you may not understand. We recommend you focus on three main things:

  1. Lead Origin: LeadHub collects data and can sort it out for you based on many key performance indicators. One of the ways to quantify this data is to track your successful lead origins. Where are your valuable leads coming from? What percentage of contacts turn into sales through cold calls vs. email marketing vs. social media? Having this knowledge can help you target your more efficacious sales strategies in this coming year.
  2. Customer Journey: LeadHub gives agents 360-degree customer views as well as full interaction histories. As a life insurance agent, you can track your customer’s journey from initial contact to now. How fast are your customers moving through every sales stage? How can you use this data to shorten the process and streamline your customer journey?
  3. Organization: Did you use LeadHub last year to help you organize and keep track of your leads? Did anyone slip through the cracks? Utilize the different status options to filter your leads and keep a strong pipeline.

“Success comes to those who pay attention to that which creates success. Simply paying attention is not the answer. Paying attention to the right things that bring you closer to success, personally and professionally, is important.” – Priya Kumar, corporate trainer and best-selling author.

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