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Personalize your preneed plans with unique and unforgettable personality!

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 You want your funeral to be personal, which is part of why you are looking into preneed planning. Your guests and loved ones will be amazed at how perfect and personal your memorial services are when you take the time to consider some unorthodox customizations. This post will get you thinking about custom caskets and the range of possibilities you have available to you—all because you have the foresight to preplan!

Picture-Perfect Personalization

A casket is arguably the most important part of the memorial services that you are preplanning. There is a huge variety of casket materials, shapes, and sizes—but there’s even more you can do in the way of personalization! Photo caskets come in a wide range of designs. Show a lifetime of accomplishments and relationships in a photo collage. Celebrate one event like a wedding or a family reunion by blowing up one picture to wrap the entire casket. There are almost unlimited possibilities when photo caskets are involved, and the personalized visual message they send as they descend into a grave is unforgettable.

Custom Casket-Wraps

Wrap your casket in your favorite color, the logo of your company, or the sigil of your team. There are so many options that casket wrapping companies offer that you may not have ever considered before! Does your family have a coat of arms? Wrap your casket in the colors! Who won the Superbowl or World Cup the year you were born? Be buried in your college colors or camo print or the flag of your home country. You could also wrap a floral print, animal print, or scenes from your favorite Disney movie. Brighten up the solemn assembly by brightening the focal point of the service—a coffin with style.

Glass & Other Gorgeous Materials

The casket you have in your mind at this moment may not be the best you can do. You’d be amazed at all the different materials that caskets can be made of. One beautiful and distinctive option is glass. Glass can be the main material or used as a decorative highlighter in windows and designs. Glass really looks stunning and crisp as a coffin—picture Snow White in a blissful sleep. Other unknown materials that can be made into caskets are bronze and other metals that look sleek and finished. If you’re interested in green materials that have no environmental impact, look into teak, bamboo, hemp, or banana leaf caskets.

Remember that preplanning paves the way for a perfect funeral and burial. You have endless options and lots of reasons to personalize. Think of how proud your loved ones will be to be a part of the perfect funeral in your remembrance and honor. The casket is the first question you can answer by preplanning, but there are a lot of cogs and wheels turning to make a service work. All these details can be customized when you have the time to plan them!



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