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One question that is often asked of customers is how likely is it that they would recommend your business to a friend or family member. Using a scaling system, the responses can be vital to learning more about what makes your business work, or to see what isn’t working. Research has broken down the responses from consumers into three groups.

Costumers who give a high score, are those who felt their lives were enriched by working with the company. They will typically be a repeat customer, and will connect with the company and promote it to others when they have the opportunity to do so. This results in highly profitable customer relationships.

Costumers who gave good scores, but not the highest, generally feel they got what they paid for. These are the people who will have no problem saying you did a good job, but won’t actively promote your business when given the opportunity. They tend to be the people who are easily swayed by discounts etc. and aren’t costumers you can count on for loyalty.

Costumers who give a low score, feel their experience was somehow diminished. They are not only dissatisfied, but surprised by how they were treated. They will openly criticize your company.

So if we want customers to be loyal to us, we first need to be loyal to them.

Seems like an easy enough concept, right? How can you demonstrate that you CARE about your customers?

Offer aftercare services

Any person who has an experience with funeral planning can feel grief – even if they’re planning ahead for their own funeral. In addition to considering what will happen after they die, they may also be thinking of the family members and friends they’ve lost. Reassure those who prearrange that their emotions are valid and inform them of the aftercare services that your firm offers to help support them.

Ask for feedback and referrals

After a person prearranges with your funeral home, ask them to complete a survey about their experience. If a person received exceptional service, the survey will provide a reminder of why they’re satisfied with their decision to prearrange. The survey can also provide an opportunity for you to collect information about ways you can improve the program. This is also an opportunity to let client families know you’d appreciate their recommendations to friends and family members.

Keep them informed

An excellent way to show families that you care is to keep them up to date on the latest news at your funeral home. Through a simple print or email newsletter, you can share information about your volunteer efforts, community contributions and staff achievements. You can also provide a calendar of upcoming events and even include (with permission) testimonials from some of the families you’ve recently served.

Invite them over

In your newsletter, or on your social media channels, invite your costumers to community events; like a fundraiser you are hosting, or a volunteer effort you are apart of. Include them, and engage them on a more personal level all year long.

Let them know you’re thinking of them

Personal communications can go a long way toward continuing a connection with families. Even a simple holiday card can serve as a reminder of a positive experience and generate a few referrals. There’s another practical reason to continue the conversation after the pre-need policy purchase: ensuring information is up-to-date. Check in with your pre-need client families periodically, asking them to review their plans and let you know if they have any changes or additions. Touching base is so important, even if its just an email or a quick phone call. These simple acts can help keep your firm top-of-mind and reinforce with your client families that prearranging was a good thing to do.


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