Creative Gifts for Those Who Grieve Their Dad

This article was written by Alix Kersavage, on June 16, 2022

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and may refresh feelings of grief and loss to those who have had the misfortune to lose their Dad. Below is a list of gift ideas for those that may need a little extra love and thought come Sunday:

handwritten stamped leather keychain grief giftHandwritten Key Chain: Recycle those birthday cards and turn them into a keepsake you can bring with you everywhere!



laser engraved bottle opener

Personalized Mounted Bottle Opener: Raise a glass in memory of Dad with this mounted bottle opener that is laser engraved with the name and dates unique to you.



pillow made of father's shirtMemory Pillow: Repurpose Dad’s favorite shirts into a pillow that can be hugged whenever you need one from Dad.



in loving memory print of father and daughterCustom Print: This artist gives you a cherished moment to hang onto forever.



leather and beaded bracelet in morse codeJewelry to Commemorate: This bracelet is morse code for, “Forever in my heart, Dad.” (More masculine version here.) This gold bracelet is modern and stylish that notes, “Forever in my heart.”

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