Closing or Opening?

This article was written by WayneK, on September 17, 2012


After 34 years in the funeral industry,
I often wondered why management teaches that closing is most important for agents to learn, but emphasize openings very little.

I have come to the conclusion there is NO SUCH thing as a closing.

If you bust the door down in your entrance you will never close, but if you open well the Security National Life product will sell itself. Think about it, we should teach more on opening than closing.

So take a different look at how you do things. You cannot get in the house to tell the funeral friendly story without opening the door through conversation. This allows you to get to the kitchen table do a warmup, ask questions, do your presentation using tie downs. This allows you to ask for the prearrangement commitment.

Still, before you can do any of this you must OPEN, so is closing what we do?

Over the years I taught new and old preneed agents how to do a great opening and simple explanations about funeral prearrangements. If you get the door open the closing will happen. Even if they throw you out of the house you will hear the door close!

So think about it what do we really do to get the sale.
Remember you have to open the door before you can close it.

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