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This article was written by LifeAdmin, on December 19, 2018

There’s a common myth floating around in the sales world that too many salespeople are buying into: closing a sale is a numbers game. The only way to increase the amount of sales you’re closing is to increase the number of contacts you make. Putting yourself in front of more people will automatically increase the number of successful sales you log. Don’t be deceived—closing a sale is not based on luck, it is absolutely something you can control. There are strategies and techniques that successful salespeople implement and master. We’ve listed three for you to work on specifically.

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Make a personal connection

Making a personal connection with a potential client is what will stick your face in their mind long after you’ve shaken hands and walked away. Good salespeople make a conscious effort to make that personal connection every time they meet someone new. They always make eye contact, which is a sign of trust between people and shows a comfortable relationship.  They use personal pronouns and tell true anecdotes about their own life. Good salespeople use humor to break the ice a bit, they tell funny stories because laughter makes people feel less anxious, serious, or awkward.

Get to know your client by asking casual questions about their likes and dislikes. Try to understand their background and circumstances so you can further understand their perspective. Learn about who makes the decisions and how they will be made,  and be methodical about how you approach your investigation of new clients so you aren’t surprised by unknown information later, when you’re trying to close the sale.

Create a digital portfolio

This could be a webinar, a podcast, a website—be creative! Giving fence-sitters an additional resource to read or listen to at home will continue your influence over their decision-making process. This will expose them to positive reviews of your services, pictures and videos of your products, and a synthesis of what you talked about in your face-to-face meeting or phone call. Think about how easily this digital resource could be shared as a referral, as well! Successful salespeople are a brand unto themselves who take the time upfront to create resources for their clients to use as they consider taking the plunge.

Under-promise and over-deliver

Manage your client’s expectations right from the start so you’re never backed into a corner with a promise you’ve made but are unable to keep. Be realistic when discussing cost as well as long-term savings. Prepare a plan for when the inevitable “worst-case scenario” conversation comes up and your client’s fears come to the surface. Good salespeople always have an incentive or a sweet deal up their sleeve, and they offer that special enticement just at the right moment. Don’t open with your mic-drop offer! Don’t sit on it for too long, either! Do more than you say you can or will and you’ll impress the client so much, they’ll have to seal the deal.

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