Helping Someone Help Their Family

I got the chance to help a family pre-arrange their funeral last week. It was a new customer in a new town, in a new state and I was able to help them go through our paperwork and premiums. It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to spend time actually writing a contract and get back into the process of helping families directly. It was nice and rewarding. I had to knock of some off some of the rust – but the whole process flowed along just as it should and everyone walked away feeling good about what took place. With that being said – I wanted to post an article we published in our Security National Life Newsletter sometime ago about helping families. I hope you like it.

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The Secret to Gaining Referrals Every Time

Mastering the secret to preneed insurance referrals Mastering the secret to referrals can mean more business for you than any other lead source.

Research demonstrates that 52% of families would gladly provide preplanning referrals, but only 5% have ever been asked.

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Aligned Goals – Preneed


I like football. I like the game, I like the intensity, I like the competition and I like the strategy behind the coaching. In football, the coaches and team have aligned goals; to score points. Each and every action during the game is based on the goal of scoring points. In the funeral industry, the game is replaced by service and the intensity is revealed in compassion.

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Going above and beyond… and then some.

going above and beyond with Security National Life preneed life insurance
The top people did what was expected of them
They were considerate and thoughtful of others
They met their obligations and responsibilities fairly and squarely AND THEN SOME.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy or a shock to the system for us to realize that things may not always be the same tomorrow as they are today. In our industry we should be the first to know this and plan for the future.

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Meaningful funerals do not just happen.

Creating meaningful preplanned funerals... they don't just happen.
Meaningful funerals do not just happen.

They are well-thought-out rituals that, at least for a day or two, demand your time, focus and attention. Like no other time before or after the death, the funeral invites us to focus on our past relationship with that one, single person and to share those memories with others.

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“I wear a bow tie to support Multiple Sclerosis.”

Bob and Chris Biggins - The Bow Tie Project“Sometimes life throws us obstacles that feel insurmountable.” said Robert J. Biggins, Former NFDA President.

The Bow Tie project began at Faulkner Hospital in Boston, from the vision of the talented medical team of Steve Drewniak, Larry Starr and Paul Rizzolli. In 2004, my dear wife Chris was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

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Security National Life to be speaking at LIC Preneed Forum

November 7-9, 2012
Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Hotel & Conference Center
Atlanta, GA

We are proud that Guy V. Winstead, Vice-President of Sales and Services and Marty Rich, Director of Sales and Operations from Security National Life will be speaking at the upcoming LIC Preneed Forum in Atlanta, GA. At 8:00 AM Friday the 9th, we will be talking about profitability, performance, and the system we use: the Preneed Dashboard.
For more information, visit the LOMA event website.

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Increase Your Productivity: Daily Preneed Work Plan

Increase your productivity in preneed with a daily work plan. If you know me at all, you know I'm all about having a plan.

As a preneed agent I had to work according to a schedule or I would find myself potentially wasting days because I didn’t have a routine or Daily Work Plan. I would like to pass on to you the plan I developed.

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