Six Ways to get into a Sales Slump Selling Preneed Life Insurance

six ways to get into a sales slump selling Security National Life preneed life insuranceI have read a lot of sales articles and many of them are titled, “10 easy ways to improve your whatever” or “12 tips to a better such and such.” Just to be different this week, we’re going to cover six rules that a salesperson can follow to get into a slump.

  • 1. Stop asking exploration questions.
  • 2. Assume things.
  • 3. It’s all about the price.
  • 4. Listen to surface level information. (continued)
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Make More Preneed Sales by Focusing on Solutions

Make More Preneed Sales by Focusing on Solutions The ability to uncover problems and present viable solutions is one of the most basic yet powerful skills that a preneed salesperson can acquire.

People make buying decisions because the product or service fills a need or fixes a problem.

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How The Attention Barrier Is Costing You Appointments, And How to Fix It

salesimageAre your sales where you want them to be?

Deep down you know that you’re selling something that will really help your prospects and their families if only they would give it a good look.

But for whatever reason you can’t seem to get them to slow down long enough to seriously consider it.

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The Secret of Top Preneed Salespeople

The Secret of Top Preneed SalespeopleSales is a tough game – and those who succeed work hard at it.

But did you ever wonder how the top preneed salespeople do it? I mean, do they read all those motivational books and do whatever the book tells them to?

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Smarter Goal Setting – Change Your Perspective, Change Your Results

Smarter Goal Setting for Your Preneed Career
Do you find yourself frustrated
that you’re not further along than you are
at the end of the day - or the week - or the month?

Have you set aggressive goals for your preneed career that just never came to fruition?

When you fall short of a goal that is important to you, it weighs heavy on you like a big, wet blanket, doesn’t it? You feel like you let yourself down.

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What is Your Selling System?

How many times have you heard a salesperson say, “I have my own sales system / selling style?” The interesting thing is that you usually hear it from someone relatively new to selling – or someone who is not quite hitting the ball out of the park.

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