SNL Preneed introduces “Transitions” Aftercare Program

At Security National Life, we are dedicated to helping our client funeral homes help the individuals and families they serve. Transitions is a funeral-home based, multi-phased lead generation program that is designed to strengthen the relationship between your funeral home and your community. Utilizing many aspects of interpersonal contact in a soft and proactive approach, Transitions is designed to expand the scope of your at-need and preneed customer base.

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Family and Pet Protection

Currently all of our preneed plans have a no-cost “Child-Grandchild-Great Grandchild” supplement to help cover the loss of a child, and because these days some pets are like children – that same supplement will also help cover that loss as well.

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Doug Gober sure can pack a punch!

I am attending the Utah Funeral Director’s Convention in Salt Lake City this week and it’s been a great convention so far. This morning I sat for two hours and listened to Doug Gober, Executive Director at Matthews International give a fantastic presentation on the state and potential future of the funeral industry. If you’ve never heard Doug speak – close your eyes and think of a red-haired Dave Ramsey.

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