Going above and beyond… and then some.

This article was written by GuyW, on January 25, 2014

going above and beyond with Security National Life preneed life insuranceThe top people did what was expected of them

They were considerate and thoughtful of others

They met their obligations and responsibilities fairly and squarely AND THEN SOME.

They were good friends to their friends

 They could be counted on in an emergency

Sometimes it takes a tragedy or a shock to the system for us to realize that things may not always be the same tomorrow as they are today. In our industry we should be the first to know this and plan for the future.

One thing the funeral business has taught me is that God doesn’t promise you tomorrow, so you have got to plan today. In the preneed business we have this opportunity. We have the ability to help families ahead of time, under normal circumstances and by doing this, we save their family from making a lot of difficult decisions, later on, on the worst day of their life.  hat is a powerful statement and a powerful privilege.

No one likes to plan for a funeral, whether it is today or years down the road. You can feel good about helping families before a loss. They can feel good that their family will not have to make funeral arrangements on one of the worst days of their life, and they were able to save money by prearranging. Saving money is always good, but surely not the most important reason to prearrange. Prearranging shows love for one’s family.

We will never get used to a family in grief. Many times there is pressure for you to be strong and professional – which can overshadow the families need for help through the grief process. Often families don’t know what they need or want, but if they know they can count on you they will be appreciative. Don’t let them down and they will reciprocate. Be a friend.

Make those healing, helpful calls and visits. Write notes of gratitude for the time you get to spend with those families.  Do something out of the ordinary for someone that is unexpected. Most of all, let the family that you are working with know that you are there for them – and not just for a commission. Set aside a certain time each day or week to simply listen to a family talk, not expecting anything in return. This goes back to the “10 Commandments of Preneed,” just good old-fashioned caring and the offer of assistance. Even if there is nothing you can do other than listen, the offer is always welcomed and remembered.

Your ability to help someone help their family by prearranging will multiply when they know that you go the extra mile to help the families you serve. They know you really care about helping and not selling.  It is important that as you sit with a family during the “Extended Family Service,” you ask one very important question. “Was there anything we at the funeral home could have done to make this time more bearable time for their family?” Nothing you do or could have done can make it better for them, just more bearable. When you do little extras and when you help them help their family – they might not realize it but you are making things more bearable.

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