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This article was written by LifeAdmin, on August 11, 2017

How to get the most out of your marketing budget

 We know what a tricky business funerals, burial, and life insurance can be. That’s why we are offering some free advice to you final expense insurance agents, preneed agents and small-time funeral directors out there. How do you get the most from your investments and turn a profit? How can your business (no matter how small) really squeeze the very most out of your marketing budget to connect with the most people?

Social Media: A Cheap Platform

Advertising and interacting with potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is cheap or free, depending on how you use these platforms to spread the word. Many companies use Instagram to host giveaways or advertise sales and special pricing. Twitter is great for posting fast facts about your business or related content. Facebook is more versatile: it can be used to educate as well as advertise. Post pictures of your beautiful caskets or trendy flower arrangements, or create an album of satisfied customers and their testimonies (with their consent, of course). Post articles about preneed insurance or the cremation process. Getting your audience engaged is what social media is all about, so if you’re low on cash but you have some time to invest, social media Is a great marketing tool.

Community Outreach

You may need to shift your view from “how can we spend MORE money on marketing” to “how can we become more visible to our audience?” One way that has proved successful are rooted in your community. Becoming a member of your local chamber of commerce, or sponsoring high school sports or arts programs can actually get a lot of eyes on your logo or slogan. What is important to the community around you? How could you become a visible part of those cultural priorities? When you are seen supporting programs and people, people and programs will be more interested in supporting you.

The Personal Touch

We work in a very personal and intimate business where trusting relationships build good business. Take some time to brainstorm what personal touches you can add to your marketing plan. Thank you cards to clients go a long way, maybe personalized emails or phone calls to anyone who has made a referral or given a good review. What intimate touches can you provide your customers that others won’t take the time to consider? These are the things that really make impressions on clients who don’t expect to encounter companies who actually care.

Referral Programs

Encouraging your current clients to refer your services to people they know can really boost your marketing outcomes. This isn’t a new idea for you, but maybe you can come at it at a new angle. What out-of-the-box strategies have you NOT yet tried to get more referrals? How can you get people talking positively about your company? What are online reviews saying about your services, and can you use social media as a referral platform, with hashtags or discounts?

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