Balancing Work and Life as an Insurance Agent: Strategies for Success

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on November 29, 2023

A sales professional’s quick guide to balancing work and life  

When you think of sales what comes to mind? A hustle culture, working long hours, prospecting, follow up, and building relationships. After all, if the work stops the sales stop. Not everyone has the drive or the skill to always keep going. But if you are in sales or know someone in sales across any industry, it is feasible to create a balance between work and personal life while maintaining the pace necessary to hit sales targets and goals.

Before we talk about a strategy to help balance work and personal time here are some statistics that echo the sentiments of many in sales. 


Only 19% of Sales Reps work a 40 hour work week  

Only 19% of Sales Reps work a 40 hour work week 

Only 9% of Directors/VPs work a 40 hour work week 

What?! 80% of those in sales work more than 40 hours a week on a regular basis, this means working in the evening and through the weekends. No wonder most sales professionals will say that their work is stressful and that their lifestyles are challenging. None of this is really that surprising, I am sure that many can admit to checking emails during family time and taking phone calls or replying to emails on weekends and even vacations. 

The question really should be, how as an individual can I gain control of my time and spend more time pursuing and enjoying time away from work? 


Mindset Shift and Boundary Setting 

What is your contribution to the excesses of the hustle culture in your daily life? 

Truly and earnestly answer this question, are you allowing work to spill into what should be time away from work activities?  

If you think yes, the solution in theory is simple (execution may be trial and error). Set boundaries and stick to them, by making small adjustments and commitments to ourselves we are more likely to create meaningful and lasting change. 

 Need an example? By acknowledging that you are in control you can also hold yourself accountable and prioritize working less. Commit to something small like not checking emails before bed or during dinner time, stick to it, and make it a habit. The most important thing is understanding that you are in control. Maybe today you can’t reduce your working hours to a 40-hour work week, but you’d be surprised how much these small shifts can have on your energy levels and stress levels. 

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Goal setting and time tracking 

Do you know how much time you spend working? I don’t mean general assumptions, have you ever tracked your time and tasks?  Sounds cumbersome, yes, it is. Yet, it is one of the most effective ways to see where you can change habits and become more efficient.  You can’t change what you don’t fully understand.    

The goal is to see where you can cut out tasks that do not help you accomplish your most important goals and reduce your working time. By seeing where your time is spent you can see where you can cut superfluous tasks and time wasters to focus on your priorities. Trust me, this exercise is valuable. By knowing you can re-arrange schedules to serve you better, become more efficient, and give you more personal time. 

Need an example? Track your time in 30-minute increments for 2 weeks by writing down all your tasks/activities. You will quickly see If your time is well used. If you see spots to cut down items that don’t serve you, replace them with what matters important tasks or free time! 

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Hustle culture is engrained in many of us, who need to sacrifice, and put in the long hours to be successful. It does not have to be all or nothing, by taking control of our own contribution to overworking and learning how to manage our tasks better you can achieve a balance that does not deprive you from much-needed off time.   

You have it within you to be more satisfied at work and at home, are you ready to take small steps to make that happen? 

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