Announcing Our Next Sales Incentive Trip to…Monaco!

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on September 18, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that our Spring 2019 convention will be taking place in sun-soaked Monaco, a Mediterranean paradise smaller than any other country (besides the Vatican)! Monaco is known for its luxurious living, dramatic cliff-side shores, and bustling Monte Carlo neighborhood. To get you excited to experience Monaco this year, we’ve put together this tiny travel guide highlighting what you can look forward to at our Security National Sales Incentive Trip.

Downtown Monaco

Downtown Monaco is a maze of luxurious skyscrapers and elegant hotels. Monaco’s city streets pay homage to modern architecture—as you walk from block to block in search of a delicious tapenade, crane your necks to the sky and admire the breathtaking concrete and glass constructions all around you. Since Monaco is a coastal city-state, head down to the shore where you can stroll down the clean, manicured docks and oogle the super-yachts of the filthy rich parked for the weekend. Follow the crowd of adoring tourists to the Monaco Cathedral built in 1875, where floods of people shuffle passed the graves of Prince Rainer and Princess Grace.

The Rock

Not far from the Cathedral is the area of Monaco called “The Rock”. It’s the old town, home of the Palace where Prince Albert II resides. You can take a tour of the lavish apartments and watch the change of guards around 11:00 am. Monaco is a great place for pedestrians, and every nook and cranny of The Rock begs exploration on foot.

Monte Carlo

You can’t experience Monaco without tasting the good life in Monte Carlo. Tour the must-see Casino of Monte Carlo, conceived by Charles III in 1866. Slot machines, roulette, and some serious poker take place within the walls of this historic building. To take a look at a high-roller poker game, stop by after 2 pm and wear your jacket and tie—there’s a dress code. If you want to feel like you fit in, you can rent a luxury car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari for a couple hours and cruise around town!

Get Out of Dodge

If a breath of fresh air is what you’re after, get out of dodge by heading to Le Rocher or taking a trip to the Botanical Gardens. You’ll feel that Mediterranean climate as you kick your shoes off and enjoy the views surrounding you. Many people enjoy taking a train tour of the surrounding areas that offer stunning backdrops of the city itself.

Monaco Eats

The food in Monaco is internationally renowned. There is a lot of variety, since Monaco is a vacation spot for all ethnicities and nationalities. One must-see restaurant is the Café Paris just across the street from the Monte Carlo Casino. Always busy but always worth it, this café has outdoor seating so you can people-watch, or indoor seating so you can relax and soak in the architecture and meticulous decorations.

Monaco cannot be captured in these few words: you better come experience it yourself in Spring of 2019! Qualifications will be announced soon. See you at the blackjack table!

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