Adjust the Attitude…

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on November 22, 2017

…to focus on Gratitude

Calling all preneed and final expense insurance agents trying to increase their sales! Take a different approach this season and shift your attitude from making sales to thanking clients. As an end-of-life insurance agent, you are the face of the industry because you work one-on-one with each client. In this industry, trust and respect between client and agent are what make successful sales relationships.

We have all heard testimonials of clients who changed insurance carriers because their agent only called them when they had a sale to pitch. Take some time this month to focus on gratitude instead of sales projections.

Reach Out to Past Clients

Pull out the old address book of clients you haven’t spoken to in months or years, even. Give them a call, send them a Christmas card, or go the extra mile and send a small gift. Hot chocolate, candy canes, or gift cards can remind people that you care about them as more than numbers on your spreadsheet. This personable interaction is what people crave, especially during this time of year when everyone’s focused on family and giving back. This should be laying the ground work for your referral program!

Post the Approach

You’re using social media to network and market yourself, so post about your new attitude on your social media platforms. People in your area will be making similar goals and reflecting on their own priorities come end-of-year, so to see that you are doing the same will just solidify that connection you’ve made previously. Do 10 Days of Gratitude on Facebook after Thanksgiving, or host a 12 Days of Christmas with giveaways or shout outs. Get personal with your presence and post a holiday card-type review of the year with pictures of your family. Your followers will eat it up!

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season for community events! Sponsor your local Turkey Bowl by bringing hot chocolate, or host a booth at that Gobbler 5K. Donate a Christmas tree to an orphanage or support a Sub for Santa. These actions will help you focus on gratitude and realign your priorities by serving others, but also will associate your name with community support and good works. Being involved is just another way to connect with people and show that you’re a human being that others want to work with.

Focus on what matters most during this time of year: home, family, and taking care of others. It’s not a far stretch from those values to preneed and final expense insurance, because what we’re selling truly emphasizes those priorities. Make that connection stronger with past, present, and future clients this season when it is most on their mind. You will find success when you are thankful for the success you have already achieved!

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