A Conversation with Utah Insurance Commissioner, Jonathan T. Pike

This article was written by Mike Varanakis, on December 8, 2021

In this interview, we had the opportunity to sit down and hear from Utah Insurance Commissioner, Jonathan T. Pike, as he covers with us the importance of obtaining Life Insurance for yourself and family members. Additionally, Commissioner Pike covers what steps you should take in shopping for coverage, and how everyone should have a plan in place to ease stressful situations that life brings our way. We hope you enjoy!

About the Utah Insurance Department
The Utah Insurance Department is a State agency. Its mandate is to regulate insurance marketed and sold in Utah. Currently more than 95,000 agents, agencies, and insurers are licensed; domestic insurers are audited to verify financial stability and compliance with insurance laws; administrative action is taken against licensees found to be in violation of insurance laws; calls from consumers with questions or complaints are taken; and licensees and
consumers are educated regarding insurance.

For more information visit www.insurance.utah.gov or call 801-957-9200.

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