A Celebration of Life with Storyworth

This article was written by Alix Kersavage, on December 30, 2021

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Working in the death care industry has cemented my belief that life is beautiful and worth celebrating even after it has ended. I used to sit on the “just put me in a box” side of the fence, but after spending years researching within the funeral industry, I have a completely different plan for my funeral. (I want a tree pod, but more on that later!)

The funeral industry once remained untouched by the ever-changing technological landscape, and now we find ourselves live-streaming funeral services daily. Technology has changed the way we are able to connect with one another and offers opportunities to preserve memories of our loved ones. I’m talking about a different kind of “unprecedented times” than you see on the news these days. We used to rely on family to hand-down stories of our family’s history and now I’d like to introduce you to a company dedicated to preserving your life’s history in a beautifully bound book via email.

Let me introduce you to Storyworth. Through weekly prompts, you simply reply to an email with your answer. At the end of the year, these replies (your stories!) are bound into a beautiful keepsake book. You can gift this service to your loved ones as well!

We are currently using this service to collect both of my maternal grandparents’ life’s histories. Each of their children take turns with the weekly prompt and call my grandparents to hear their answer. They then reply to the email themselves with what they talked about over the phone. My grandpa is blind and unable to easily use a computer, so this format works best for our family. I’m incredibly excited to flip through the pages of the keepsake book after it’s been printed this year.

As a preneed insurance agent or a final expense insurance agent, you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with me?” To that my answer would be to arm yourself with an arsenal of tools and information relevant to your potential customer. A great way to check-in with your potential customer, or hopefully returning customer, is to provide valuable information that extends beyond trying to sell something. If you’re active on social media, this is a great company to feature that directly relates to the eyes you are trying to attract to your page! As a preneed or final expense insurance agent, having talking points centered around celebrating life creates an easy flow of conversation that opens the floor on a personal level with your customer. When you can relate to your customer and provide valuable, trusted information, it will increase their trust in you.

We look forward to sharing more tools for your sales toolbelt!

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