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One thing most people aren’t thinking about is when they will die. Besides the fact that it is natural for us to avoid thinking about the end of our lives, we are too busy leading them! We have more day to day matters to deal with, and something like pre-planning your funeral is not at the forefront of our minds. It is easy to push that down further and further on our to-do lists. So how can you as an agent help the families you are reaching out to take that next step and complete their funeral plans in advance? Here are some tips:


Pre-planning your funeral sounds like a pretty obvious thing to do, it almost sells itself. So what holds most people up from taking the next step when it comes to matters like this? They don’t understand how it all works. Take time to explain and answer any questions your potential client has. Make the process easy and smooth as possible for them. Look at how you are currently presenting pre-planning to your consumers and see if there is any adjustment you can make to make it even more clear for them and easy to understand. When your families fully understand the process, they’ll feel better prepared to finalize their advance funeral plans.


Like we just talked about, most people are not thinking about their own funeral. We often don’t think about those kinds of things until we are in the middle of dealing with the death of a loved one. One way your Funeral Home can create some awareness is by hosting an event or class where you can offer more insight into how it is beneficial for them to get this done now. You can even help those finish up the process that have already shown interest. Answer any of their questions and help them fill out the paperwork. Bring in some food, and make it a great night of education and planning for your community.


If you know of someone who has expressed interest in pre-planning, FOLLOW UP with them and offer to HELP them complete the paperwork. Sometimes the simple reminder can be all a person needs to take the next step they have been meaning to do but haven’t got around to it because it isn’t pressing to them. Ask if you can help them talk to their families about their plans, or questions about changing their plans later. Offer those additional resources to help them get the ball rolling in completing their plans.

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