Going The Extra Mile!

This article was written by BetterAdmin, on November 23, 2015


Last week we celebrated the success of our Founder’s Month, and we heard a little advice from an overall Top Producer Joseph T. He shared some insight into how he reaches his goals, “When I make a presentation I just try my best to be sincere, listen to what they say and make sure they realize I am helping them. I think that’s why my sales have been good. Also you have to really work any leads you have. If they are busy the first time you talk, make sure to take notes and call them back at a later time.”

If you read the newsletter weekly, you would have seen Guy Winstead’s post about going above and beyond… and then some! It was a great reminder how going the extra mile can make a huge difference in your success in all areas of life, not just business. It echoed a similar message to what Joseph T. said in regards to achieving your goals.

M.Wayne Kirton, Market Sales Manager, knocked this past Founder’s Month out of the park! He actually exceeded his stretch goal. Kirton shared some of his “extra mile tips” with us that helped him make this year such a success!

  • I started in September building a pipe line of prospects.
  • We had a week of prize. The winner could receive anything from a coffee cup, cozies, rulers, shoe shine kits and water bottles.
  • We did call in days and did instant gratification calls. We also had conference calls with top agents.
  • Training meetings.
  • We made sure people had a place to go.
  • Occasionally rewarded with a lunch!
  • $2 per contract on for one week.

From some of the bullet items Wayne shared you can tell he not only made sure him and his agents were prepared, but he went above and beyond in giving them some incentive to help them help themselves!

As Guy said in the newsletter, do everything you can, and then some.

The top people did what was expected of them – AND THEN SOME.

They were considerate and thoughtful of others – AND THEN SOME.

They met their obligations and responsibilities fairly and squarely – AND THEN SOME.

They were good friends to their friends – AND THEN SOME.

They could be counted on in an emergency – AND THEN SOME.

Going that extra mile can make or break your success in any area of life. Look at your goals and ask if there is any way you can do “some” more to accomplish them!

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