4 Reasons You Were Meant to be a Final Expense Agent

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on December 17, 2018

You Have Been Called A “Go-Getter”

Maybe it was in high school when you were voted “Most Likely to Succeed,” maybe it wasn’t until into your adulthood when you had quarterly evaluations by your boss, but at some point you have been called a “go-getter.” Final Expense Agents often have this personality trait. They would rather campaign for what they want then wait patiently for it. You are motivated and inspired, you’ve maybe even been described as having a “fire” or a “motor” that keeps you moving. You’re probably a natural goal setter who feels satisfaction at completing tasks—especially difficult ones. People admire your abilities and your work ethic. Sometimes you picture your own obituary, and you imagine doing things on a daily basis that could end up there in that list of accomplishments. This perspective is helpful to keep you focused and fueled, and your goals help you continually better yourself.

You’d Rather Work Than Relax

Final Expense Agents have to be self-motivated people who enjoy the work they do. Being successful in sales like these means being smart and committed, of course, but it also means just getting down to business day in and day out. You do this well. You enjoy the feeling of being busy and the sense of accomplishment making a sale brings you. When you were a child you struggled focusing in school, perhaps you were more interested in sports or other extracurricular activities. You weren’t someone who wanted to sit down or behave when you were supposed to. This energy may have made life difficult for your parents, but it’s one of the reasons you are a successful Final Expense Agent, so be grateful for what you’re good at!

You’ve Always Enjoyed an Unpredictable Schedule

The thought of a 9-5 job where the most exciting part of your day is eating your Ziploc bag of almonds at your cubicle completely terrifies you. You’ve never liked predictability. Routines bore you, and if you were given the option to have very little responsibility but very little stress, you’d shudder at the thought. The freedom of making your own appointments gives you a control that you crave. Every day is different for Final Expense Agents, and you would choose that perk over a stress-free situation any day.

You Have a Competitive Side

No salesman can enjoy their job without a competitive nature. You feel best when you’re doing something no one thought you could do. You set high expectations for yourself and you almost always meet them. Very possibly, you were most excited about sports, trivia, debate club, or school projects when you were a child. You work best in an environment where there is something at stake or when someone is depending on you. You don’t mind working as a team, but you excel as a leader, a self-starter, an MVP. This competitive nature is what keeps you going even when the going gets tough.

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