3 Telesales Success Stories

This article was written by LifeAdmin, on May 6, 2021

From Final Expense Insurance Agents like you!

We’ve found a lot of inspiration in the success stories of others, so we’ve gathered a few testimonials to motivate  and excite you as you move forward providing people with the final expense insurance that they desperately need.

Unexpected Success with Video Calls

“A year ago, when the pandemic started, I was obsessively tracking how the public was reacting economically. Some effects were predictable: necessities like groceries and cleaning supplies were selling out, while luxuries like travel and transportation took a hit, both in online traffic and profits. So the question for me has been: is insurance a necessity or a luxury?

For all of my obsessing at the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve found that the data shows that the insurance market has basically stayed the same. I’ve found this with my personal sales as well—I’m meeting the benchmarks and averages I set for myself previously, and my fluctuations look a lot like they did in 2019. That being said, I’ve had to adjust tremendously to a social-distanced world, and telesales has been the key to my success there.

Staying strong in sales takes creative problem-solving and people skills, as we all know. I’ve applied both of these in the last year by incorporating video calls into my telesales strategy. Paying for premium licenses of Google Meet or Zoom makes it easy for me to send a link to a potential client (no matter their age or familiarity with technology) so we can talk face-to-face about final expense insurance. I’ve loved adding this new tool to my arsenal of sales tactics!”

Traditional Cold Calling Actually Works

“My success this year has really come from cold calling. I know, you might be reading that like, ‘what?!’ but it’s true. When I really hunkered down and made cold calling a serious part of my sales plan, I found that it started going better and better. The key, for me, was finding good leads to begin with and selecting the right time of day to call. Actually, back when the pandemic first started and states were locking down, I was getting more answers to calls at all times of the day because people were working from home where they could actually answer and have a conversation!”

Telesales with a Twist

“If I were to give some advice about how to be successful with telesales, I would say that I’ve found a lot of positive results utilizing my social media platforms. Does that count? I’ve put a lot of time and effort into my Twitter and Facebook accounts to help me generate fresh new leads and get the word out about final expense insurance. It’s still a topic that few people know about, so my first contact is often education. I actually put together a free, downloadable printable with some helpful information that lots of people could access, and I got an amazing response from social media—people giving me their email addresses to get the freebie. So many of those ‘cold calls’ turned into sales for me, I would definitely recommend going the online route for a wider audience than the more traditional phone calls would get you!”

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